October 14th, 2015

Ryan is stuck in the past playing old games remastered for current hardware. It’s mostly thanks to the excellent Uncharted Collection on PS4 (which you should totally go read his review). Alongside more Uncharted he played a bunch of Halo in Master Chief Collection and some Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. Jocelyn played the Beginner’s Guide, a new game from the creator of the Stanley Parable, but didn’t really enjoy the game. It was tough to explain, but if you played the game and want to share your thoughts, write in! Finally, Joce goes over some new WoW patch notes heading into the PTR and Ryan got his hands on the Star Wars Battlefront beta.

Our topic this week is a brand new segment titled: RANDOM NEWS OF THE WEEK! Otherwise known as, we couldn’t decide on whether to just talk about the Overwatch Beta announcement or to fit in the Twilight Princess HD datamine. So we did both!

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