July 11th, 2024

We kick off the show with some thoughts on the TETRIS movie available on Apple TV+, then Ryan shares first impressions on Zenless Zone Zero. Jocelyn on the other hand has returned to World of Warcraft for a Mists of Pandaria event. Before moving to the news, as promised, we discuss Have a Nice Death. Good news is Jocelyn is out of her city building funk! Bad news is roguelikes still aren’t for her. In the news we have fresh stories on AI from Nvidia and Nintendo, as well as Microsoft’s changes to their Xbox Game Pass program.

Start – TETRIS on Apple TV+
6:21 – Zenless Zone Zero
25:14 – Mists of Pandaria
40:32 – Have a Nice Death
54:03 – News

Extra Life is back! Check out the team or donate by going to bit.ly/tgiextralife2024. For upcoming steams, Travis has a few summer events planned, including a Dark Souls 3 stream on July 12th and a Like A Dragon Gaiden stream on August 16th. Both streams start at 8 PM ET on Twitch.tv/PixelMountainGaming.

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