May 30th, 2015

After a whirlwind week The Gamers’ Inn returns with all the gaming you can handle, prepare to Helldive! First up, Jocelyn is still having a blast with Heroes of the Storm, but brings up one unfortunate truth about the Open Beta. Next, Ryan wraps up his coverage of Splatoon after posting his review. He really liked it! Finally we wrap up What We’re Playing with Helldivers, which we played with Val on Game Night.

Our topic this week covers several news stories starting with Polygon’s coverage of Batman giving the middle finger to gamers (their words, not ours). Also Take-Two talks about Evolve getting a permanent seat on the awesome IP list, while mentioning a single player would of benefited the game. Finally, we have rumored Steam Summer Sale dates of June 11th to the 22nd.

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