April 7th, 2015

While last week was all about possibly purchasing Bloodborne, this week is all about PLAYING Bloodborne! Special guest Matt Kearney returns to share his experience with other Souls games and of course Bloodborne. Ryan also took the plunge into this Victorian London looking game and calms the nerves of fellow newcomers to the series. Discussion revolves around the intro area, bosses in general, co-op and Chalice Dungeons. Spoilers are kept to a minimum, but if you’re the type that needs to experience everything on your own (including how to swing a sword), you may want to revisit this episode after you’re a few hours in.

For those still not convinced or would like to see the game in action, Ryan recorded a half hour of gameplay to help convince you. It includes basic combat mechanics and other gameplay basics. Seeing this game really helped Ryan pull the trigger on the game, so hopefully it helps you too!


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