March 27th, 2015

Welcome to a very casual episode of The Gamers’ Inn, we didn’t play a whole lot this week so we just talked about video games in general! First up, Ryan purchased a Toad amiibo and Jocelyn talks about the upcoming TACO tournament. Next up the innkeepers convert What We’ve Been Playing to What We’re Thinking of Playing with a pretty open conversation about Bloodborne on PS4. Both Jocelyn and Ryan are interested, but aren’t sure which side of the fence they’ll land on. One helpful resource that Ryan has latched on to is Engadget’s review of Bloodborne titled: Are you good enough for Bloodborne.

For our topic this week we have two news stories about games NOT coming in 2015. First up is a tidbit of news on the next Mass Effect game. Seems development continues to gain momentum as motion capture took place recently in Vancouver. Second, we have slightly depressing but understandable news with Zelda for Wii U being delayed out of 2015. 🙁

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