The moment that all fans of FEH have been waiting for… Eddie has returned from vacation! Also, we have Beast Units in the game. 😀 We go over all the brand new beast units from the Tellius series that are now summonable, plus the bonus GHB unit. We close out the show with a Summoner’s Focus on Amelia, followed by a bit of Speculation Corner for the surprise bonus Special Heroes banner arriving later in January.

Summoner’s Call is a weekly podcast focused on Fire Emblem Heroes! Each week Ryan and Eddie (Dralfir) discuss their time in the game, go over the latest Fire Emblem Heroes news, and cover topics that have peaked their interest.

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Ryan played a whole bunch of Frostpunk, so we close out the loop on that game with a tale from the Fall of Winterhome scenario. Following up on Doki Doki Literature Club from last year, Ryan delves into Jim's Top 10 list of 2018 with Florence. Rounding out Ryan's experiences…
Ryan is very sleepy this week, but he did manage to discuss his time in Yakuza 0. Jocelyn checked out Gris and wasn't a big fan, but enjoyed her experience with Artifact. For our topic, we take a look at the recent news about EA cancelling yet another Star Wars…