On a very special LIVE episode of Summoner’s Call Eddie and Ryan are joined by two Wrys related guests: Opera707 and Whirlwind. This was part of our Extra Life Game Day on October 27th, if you’d like to donate you still can! On the show we discussed our summoning success on the new Redux Banner, as well as our thoughts on the new heroes. Then we bit the bullet and did a Summoner’s Focus on Wrys, thanks in large part to our guests for the assistance. We close out the show with our guests thoughts on Shadow Dragon and the upcoming Three Houses release. Looking for the video version? You can watch it on Twitch!

Extra Life is back and The Gamers’ Inn will be embarking on an epic journey to play video games in support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Check out our team and get more information on the event. This year we will be focusing on multiple streaming days, including an event on October 27th and November 10th.

Summoner’s Call is a weekly podcast focused on Fire Emblem Heroes! Each week Ryan and Eddie (Dralfir) discuss their time in the game, go over the latest Fire Emblem Heroes news, and cover topics that have peaked their interest.

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It was the day before Red Dead Redemption II, and at the Inn, both Ryan and Jocelyn played video games that didn't feature the wild west. Keeping things light, Ryan booted up the new Tactical Legacy Pack for XCOM 2 and the new DLC for Spider-Man on PS4. Jocelyn partied…
With a busy weekend ahead for the Summoner's, Eddie and Ryan discuss the new Legendary Hero: Eirika in this Summoner's Call Mini. What makes Eirika's arrival unique (outside of her not being Alm), there are some peculiar things popping up for November and January. Be sure to check out Eddie's…