SC 111 – Mystery of the Mystery of the Emblem

July 19th, 2020

Before we jump into FEH content, we wanted to address the recent allegations of sexual assault and harassment being made within the Fire Emblem community. Please check out this sub-reddit link for more details. This week we discuss the new banner with heroes from Fire Emblem 12, wait no 1, or was it 3… maybe it was 11. Either way we give you a short (maybe confusing) primer on all that mess. Next week we move back to recording on Saturdays and start Cindered Shadows so please join us in our play through.

Start – Allegations of Sexual Harassment and Assault within the Fire Emblem Community
2:10 – FEH

Summoner’s Call is a weekly podcast focused on Fire Emblem Heroes! Each week Ryan and Eddie (Dralfir) discuss their time in the game, go over the latest Fire Emblem Heroes news, and cover topics that have peaked their interest.

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