We have a shorter episode this week as we have no FEH news other than the new Resplendent Hero. We do however have the finale of Sacred Stones to discuss and info on the next Game Club and when it will start.

Related to the intro of the show and discussions on abuse, harrassment, and sexual assault stories in the video game and content creation industry, here are a few podcasts to listen to for more information. Episode 423 of The Gamers’ Inn had a segment at the 40 minute mark, as well as the stand-alone episode of For Azeroth titled “Sexual Misconduct in Gaming” (also embedded below).

Start – FEH
10:55 – Sacred Stones

Summoner’s Call is a weekly podcast focused on Fire Emblem Heroes! Each week Ryan and Eddie (Dralfir) discuss their time in the game, go over the latest Fire Emblem Heroes news, and cover topics that have peaked their interest.

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In this episode of The Gamers' Inn we're going to cover everything that is going on in the wider industry in terms of sexual assault that has been happening and all of the stories that have come out this week. We also dig into Ryan's first impressions with The Last…
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