With our official Extra Life Game Day behind us, we go over the successes from the day where we managed to raise $4500 to date as a team! We relive our experiences in Phasmophobia thanks the lovely community helping us hit our $1500 raised for each of us. Then we calm things down with a discussion of our time in Raft. In the news, we get hopeful about the Legendary Edition of the Mass Effect Trilogy, but still wary about the promise of Bioware taking another stab at the franchise with a new game. Finally, we chat about our FOMO and the next generation of consoles launching this week.

Start – Phasmophobia
34:30 – Raft
45:15 – News

Extra Life is back and The Gamers’ Inn will be embarking on an epic journey to play video games in support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Check out our team and get more information on the event. Donations will be accepted until December 31st, and we have plenty of fun planned! The next event will be A Very Fire Emblem Extra Life on November 28th, starting at 8 PM ET on twitch.tv/RyanMurphyCA. We’ll be starting with a FEH State of the Game Discussion, followed by Jackbox Games and Deep Rock Galactic!

The Gamers’ Inn is a weekly podcast focused on all things video games! Each week Jocelyn and Ryan discuss what they’re playing, go over industry related news, and cover topics that have peaked their interest.

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To match the Pirates Special Banner, we now have a Ninja Special Banner! (Pirates vs Ninja voting gauntlet when?) This new special banner was featured on the latest FEH Channel, that also highlighted the current Version Update and an upcoming event called Auto Chess... I MEAN Pawns of Loki. That…
We return this week with a light show, where we go over Ryan’s first impressions of the new mode Pawns of Loki. The new Heroes + Forging Bonds Revival for January has been confirmed, plus the next Resplendent Hero appears to be a bit of a "What If" faux pas.…