This week on TGI, Ryan is away so Joce is joined by friend of the show Jim! They talk about the newly released PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn, as well as backward compatibility questions that have been raised about the PS5, and wrap things up with games they were excited to see previewed at Gamescom.

The Gamers’ Inn is a weekly podcast focused on all things video games! Each week Jocelyn and Ryan discuss what they’re playing, go over industry related news, and cover topics that have peaked their interest.

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We return with more thoughts on Frostpunk: On The Edge, the last DLC for one of our favourite games from 2018. Ryan converts a desktop game to mobile with Ancient Enemy and Steam Link, while also giving the Marvel Avengers beta another go. Moving into the news, we have an…
We return after a week off to a ton of… well not much. We did get the official announcement for the update as well as the new Legendary Hero that everyone has been waiting for with minimal interest (well I am sure there have been some people waiting for Corrin,…