Before we jump into the Xbox Games Showcase, Ryan gives some final thoughts on Desperados III after finishing the main campaign and taking a crack at a few of those Baron Challenges added to the game through a free update. We spend a bulk of the show going over all our favourite announcements from the Xbox Games Showcase. Enjoy and happy next generation year!

Start – Desperados III
9:51 – Xbox Games Showcase

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Before we jump into FEH content, we wanted to address the recent allegations of sexual assault and harassment being made within the Fire Emblem community. Please check out this sub-reddit link for more details. This week we discuss the new banner with heroes from Fire Emblem 12, wait no 1,…
A light week this week as we bring you the details we didn’t have for the new banner and GHB last week as well as the next Resplendent Hero. Then we grab Chekov’s Ritual and dive into Abyss and meet the weirdos of the Ashen Wolves… Oh! And if you…