How about all them podcast TV shows? I mean quarantine episodes… Ryan watched the most recent entry with the brand new Mythic Quest episode. As we move into video games proper, both Joce and Ryan played Maneater on the Epic Games Store (thank you to the PR company for providing a code). Jocelyn also lost time in Civilization VI thanks to the New Frontier Pass. Over in the news, IGN has announced the schedule for its Summer of Gaming event in the month of June, BlizzCon 2020 has been cancelled, and all the fun announcements for Dead by Daylight for their 4th anniversary.

Start – Quarantine Episodes and Mythic Quest
11:50 – Maneater
41:42 – Civilization VI New Frontier Pass
57:55 – News

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After a bit of delay due to life, and a lack of anything to discuss, we return late in the week to cover the new Bridal Banner as well as a slight hiccup in the game code. We also go over not one but 2 chapters of Sacred Stones so…
We return with the new Mythic Hero to discuss as well as news on the next update. We also discuss the surprise Forging Bonds Revival that happened this last week. Plus another two chapters of our Sacred Stones play through, nearly to the finish line! DiscussionStart - FEH31:20 - Sacred…