Ryan is back after a few weeks off to get settled with the newest addition to his family: Isabelle! Be sure to subscribe to Dungeons and Diapers for the full story on the next episode. After catching everyone up on the new baby, Ryan goes over his last few weeks with DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing. In a bit of preview of the weeks to come, we break down some further thoughts on Final Fantasy VII Remake. We close out the show with news, including the announcement trailer for The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, Sony has some free games to keep you busy at home, there’s a new XCOM and it’s out next week, and finally the ESRB shows off the new loot box labels.

Start – Baby Update
6:50 – DOOM Eternal
13:47 – Animal Crossing New Horizons
32:45 – Final Fantasy VII Remake
44:20 – News

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