The long anticipated Animal Crossing sequel, New Horizons, has finally arrived! Ryan got some time with the game since its March 20th release and is happy to report on many of the improvements made to the Animal Crossing formula. Jocelyn has not been on a deserted island, but did get a chance to check out Do Not Feed The Monkeys, based on Steam recommendations from her time with Beholder. We close out the show with news, which includes GameStops weird and wild week with COVID-19. They went from declaring themselves an essential service, to being criticized by the Premier of Ontario, to finally closing their doors to customers. Not to go out on a sour note, we have some good news in relation to COVID-19, where Microsoft is offering some free education content in Minecraft!

Start – Animal Crossing New Horizons
35:00 – Do Not Feed The Monkeys
46:07 – News

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