We kick off the show with a follow up from last week in that Google announced just how much YouTube makes in ad revenue. We look at that immense number and wonder no more why Activision Blizzard moved over from Twitch. In other news, Nvidia GeForce NOW launched out of beta with some interesting options and pricing levels. Both of us gave it a quick try before the show and report first impressions. Closing out the last half of the show, we chat about our time with Warcraft III Reforged, and how we (and the internet) feel about the final product. Discussions include Blizzard’s response to the launch issues.

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We return, as does the Heavy Metal, to discuss the new Mythic Líf as well as the few details about the next version update. We also kick off the Sacred Stones Game Club proper with discussions up through Chapter 3. Due to scheduling, we recorded a day earlier than normal…
This week we discuss the leaked character face and details that have come out about the Cindered Shadows DLC launching this week. Before we get to that we also discuss the fallout from the FEH Channel in more detail (and with more time to let it sink in) covering the…