Ryan finally got around to playing Telling Lies, so we have a spoiler filled chat at the end of the show. Before that though, we’ve got plenty of news! This includes a story about being muted in game does not violate your civil rights, YouTube signs exclusive streaming deal with Activision Blizzard for e-sports, and Torchlight Frontiers will be Torchlight 3 after all.

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We come back to a quiet scene after a week off... Wait! What do you mean Byleth is coming to Smash? Well at least it was quiet other than that… Wave 4 DLC for Three Houses got a release date!?!?!? And a Tokyo Mirage Sessions Banner, Tap Battle and Tempest…
We return, as does the Heavy Metal, to discuss the new Mythic Líf as well as the few details about the next version update. We also kick off the Sacred Stones Game Club proper with discussions up through Chapter 3. Due to scheduling, we recorded a day earlier than normal…