We’ve got Frostpunk on the brain again thanks to the brand new (and quite excellent) expansion called The Last Autumn. After some questionable choices by all parties, we move into the news. Following up on last weeks stories, Super Nintendo World comes states side in 2023 and Cyberpunk 2077 joins the 2020 delay party. We also chat about the developers behind Plague Inc. issuing a warning around the Coronavirus outbreak and Netflix announces more Witcher content with an anime film in the works.

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What's this? An entire episode of TGI with news? Looks like 2020 will be full of surprises! We kick things off with more details from Universal on their Super Nintendo World. Sony is skipping E3 again, even with the PS5 on the horizon. Multiple delays were announced this week (and…
We come back to a quiet scene after a week off... Wait! What do you mean Byleth is coming to Smash? Well at least it was quiet other than that… Wave 4 DLC for Three Houses got a release date!?!?!? And a Tokyo Mirage Sessions Banner, Tap Battle and Tempest…