After a bit of off topic Spider-man talk, that swings back towards on-topic, then back again… Jocelyn chats about her time with Telling Lies, the follow game from the developers behind Her Story. Ryan has more Fire Emblem Three Houses to chat about, followed by some tales from the Zone in Mutant Year Zero on Nintendo Switch. For our topic, we share our favourite announcements that came out of GamesCom 2019.

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We are back and with internet working this week we go over the Brave Hero banner as well as a couple extra units that came out this week. We have a spoiler free discussion of Three Houses in prep for the spoiler filled one next week. Finally, we can’t leave…
With an extremely news heavy week in FEH… We spend the majority of the episode going deep into spoilers for Part 1 of Three Houses and how the real enemies were the friends we made along the way. We also quickly discuss the new videos we got this week and…