Jocelyn is away this week, so Ryan is joined by his Dungeons & Diapers co-host Crofton Steers. Ryan has been playing more Super Mario Maker 2 and looking forward to other Nintendo Switch releases. While Crofton has been digging into the Greek buffet that is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. In the news, we chat about GameStop’s new business ideas and our first look at Roach (a horse) in Netflix’s The Witcher.

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Morgan and Morgan have arrived in Zenith and have a Lutece style BHB. We also go over the new summer units and our attempts to Lyn at the summoning game. We also discuss the continuing flood of Three Houses news. We also finally got the July calendar and it appears…
Another swamped week of FEH where, wait, not much really happened. We got the return of the Arena quests now renamed Coliseum quests, the second round of Rokkr Sieges, and not much else happening this week. We did however get the trailer for the Three Houses Banner as well a…