We wrap up our discussions on A Plague Tale: Innocence, as both inn keepers have finished the game. Beware of spoilers if you’re thinking of checking this one out, as we may chat a bit about the story and our overall thoughts. In the news, Sony announced PlayStation Productions, a studio dedicated to bringing PlayStation IP’s to TV and Movie screens. Also, we have some updates to the Microsoft/Sony partnership story, as well as that Sonic movie. Finally, we discuss the US loot box bill that just received bipartisan support

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Ryan checked out the new PlayStation documentary, Raising Kratos, a look behind the scenes for God of War. Both Joce and Ryan played A Plague Tale: Innocence, where you play as a sister and brother trying to survive plague stricken France. Finally, we chat about hell freezing over with the…
Here comes the Brides?!?!? The new Bridal banner has launched with someone on it who doesn’t quite fit the theme perfectly, as well as a TT with a bizarrely dressed Groom? We also discuss news from Belgium, updates on Three Houses, and the next section of Game Club though not…