Ryan experiences the Final Episode of The Final Season for Skybound’s (TellTale’s) The Walking Dead. A little bit more Division 2. Jocelyn and Ryan both scratched surface on Yoshi’s Crafted World, with more on the horizon. Another big news week with Borderlands 3 finally being unveiled, Apple Arcade (Game Pass for Apple devices), and the PlayStation Direct (State of Play).

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We hop into Spring with a new Bunny banner (and the return of the older ones) as well as a tricky new Tempest Trials unit. Summoner’s Focus awakens a new character to look at as well as a quick check-in on Game Club and Three Houses, looking at the Blue…
A little bird told me we have a new Mythic Hero flying in from the Tellius series. We discuss Yune this week as well as the penultimate segment of Shadow Dragon Game Club. We take a look at the Golden Deer from Three Houses and a villain filled Voting Gauntlet…