Welcome to 2019! Jocelyn and Ryan return from their holiday break to chat about what they’ve been up to. Ryan got a 4K upgrade over the break, while also finding time to finish up the latest Spider-Man DLC. Finally, based on Jocelyn’s recommendation, Ryan played a BUNCH of Frostpunk.

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We celebrate Fire Emblem Heroes in 2018 with our yet unnamed awards ceremony. We're thinking Golden Summons, or Golden Orbies, or maybe just FEH of the Year Celebrations... Any ways, we go through five categories and discuss our favourites from Fire Emblem Heroes. We also go over our newest Tempest…
Eddie is traveling this week, so Ryan is doing a solo show! After taking a week off for the holidays, there's a lot happening in Fire Emblem Heroes to kick off 2019. Azura dances into the Legendary Heroes arena. There are plenty of modes, quests, heroes, and bundles to celebrate…