March 23rd, 2018

Arrr! Welcome to Shipwre… Wait, no, welcome to The Gamers’ Inn! We kick off the show by talking a bit about Sea of Thieves, but leave the bulk of the details to Shipwrecks and Shanties. While Ryan didn’t get a chance to hit the high seas, he did dabble with Game Pass, which opens up a deeper conversation about Play Anywhere. Ryan then diverts course over to The Council, a new adventure game with RPG elements, that both inn keepers played. While it’s rough around the edges, the unique elements help keep this game afloat in the fun department. Finally, we close the show with a look at the newly announced Fair Play Alliance, a coalition of developers and Twitch looking to work together to fight gaming toxicity.

Don’t forget to check out Jocelyn’s interview with Blizzard about her time at HCT Toronto!

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