Off the top of the show we announce our departure from Amove TV to expand on The Gamers’ Inn with new spin-off and serial projects. We break down our first two The Gamers’ Inn Presents projects, focusing on Fire Emblem Heroes and Sea of Thieves. You can expect Summoner’s Call: A Fire Emblem Heroes Podcast to launch very soon (check our website for details). These new projects will exist on their own feed, so be sure to check them out and subscribe if you’re interested.

After the big news, we move in to yet another Adventures in Streaming conversation with Ryan. We chat more about StreamElements, preparing to stream seriously for the first time, game choices, engagement, and talking to yourself (and why it’s important). As for what we’re playing, as promised Ryan gives Life is Strange: Before the Storm a shot, while Jocelyn continues her adventures on the high seas in Sea of Thieves. Closing out the show we chat about Battle for Azeroth becoming available for pre-order and some breaking Nintendo news.

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We kick off the show with more streaming talk as Ryan continues his adventures over at Twitch.TV/RyanMurphyCA. He did a bit of console streaming, and ventured into OBS, so we talk shop for a bit. After the bitrate chat we move over to games with a stacked show! Both Ryan…
Welcome to the beginning of Summoner's Call: A Fire Emblem Heroes Podcast! On this episode zero, Ryan walks you through the concept of the show and what you can expect from episode one and forward. Thanks for listening and happy summoning! Have a question or comment for the show? Email…