January 30th, 2016

At the start of the Patreon Hangout we took some time to discuss some upcoming changes for The Gamers’ Inn Patreon. First off, in March we’re planning on taking the Patreon to a weekly format. This will better reflect the way we’ve been delivering content for the past 4 years. Second, we’ll be adding some cool new milestones, including a monthly campaign discussion special and the return of quick fire news (a weekly 15 minute-ish mini-episode where Ryan and Jocelyn break down the news).

A preview of the final Patreon rewards/milestones will be posted in February. Right now we’re looking for feedback on our ideas and wondering what you’d like to see with this revamp! So give this hangout a listen, and then feel free to comment here on Patreon or by email. Thanks for your support!

Our next Patron Hangout is on February 18th at 7 PM EST (every third Thursday of the month). Conveniently timed an hour before Game Night AND scheduled each month. Mark your calendars!

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