Hey all, Ryan here with details on The Gamers’ Inn E3 plan. Monday and Tuesday are the big conference days so over on twitch.tv/TheGamersInn, Ryan will be joined by James to live comment. Join the chat to get in on the fun! Then on Wednesday, we have The Gamers’ Inn proper at our new time on Amove.TV at 7 PM EST. Hope you’re all as excited as we are for E3!


12:30 PM EST – Microsoft E3 Press Conference
4 PM EST – EA E3 Press Conference
6 PM EST – Ubisoft E3 Press Conference
9 PM EST – Sony E3 Press Conference

12 PM EST – Nintendo Digital Event
1 PM EST – Square Enix E3 Press Conference
8 PM EST – PC Gaming Show

7 PM EST – The Gamers’ Inn Proper E3 Extravaganza

This week on Gamers' Inn Ryan shares more on The Witcher 3, which Jocelyn picked up on the PS4. More Splatoon talk with amiibo impressions and discussing Nintendo's content plan. They appear to be keeping the details of their plan behind curtains while promising a summer full of content updates.…
E3 2015 may have been kicked off by Bethesda the night before, but the Microsoft press conference at 12:30 PM EST is the real beginnings. Ryan is joined by guest James @iyagovos Bartholomeou to watch and chat over the Microsoft E3 2015 press conference. This is just our audio, so…