Welcome to the third episode of the Gamers’ Inn podcast! This week Jocelyn, Ryan, and special guest Paul Swickard discuss upcoming 2012 game releases, SWTOR, and what games they got over the holidays. Also each of the hosts run down their gaming New Years Resolution. Enjoy!


Upcoming 2012 Releases

What We’re Playing/Strat Chat

Star Wars: The Old Republic!!!

Topic of the Week

Gamers New Years Resolution

Games Purchased Over the Holidays: This is a huge list for everyone, let’s hope we find the time to play them all!

Listener Feedback

5 star reviews from _Funk (CA), BusyZombieLord (US), and Gregory (FR). Thanks for your support guys!

Email from Lou (BusyZombieLord) about games we played in 2011 but didn’t include in our Year in Review Episode.

Remember to send your feedback to info@gamersinnpodcast.com! Thanks to Paul for joining us on this episode, you can follow him on Twitter and be sure to check out An Hour of Sleep. See you all next week when we’ll be discussing more SWTOR and the games that kept us busy over the holidays.

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