The fourth episode of the Gamers’ Inn is here, and if we’re going by Star Wars rules, this is when it gets good! Listen as Jocelyn and Ryan discuss the games they played over the holidays (guess which one played a lot of dancing games), gaming news, CES tech announcements, the hosts Geek Tech setup, and as always ending with listener feedback. Also, new this week is the premiere of the Two Minute Game Design Challenge. Hope you enjoy!






What We’re Playing

  • Jocelyn
    • Skyrim
    • Portal 2
    • Orcs Must Die
    • Torchlight
  • Ryan
    • SWTOR
    • Mario Kart 3DS
    • Sonic Generations 3DS
    • Alice: Madness Returns
    • Just Dance 3
    • Dance Central 2
    • Saints Row 3

Two Minute Game Design Challenge

Topic of the Week: Geek Tech

The inn keepers discuss their Geek Tech setup, sharing with the podcast how they enjoy their games and general geekery through the use of tech.

Listener Feedback

Big thanks to _(Mike)_ and Swick for 5 star reviews in the Canadian and US iTunes stores respectively. Also shout out to @iamfrenchboy for his Twitter feedback.

Joel sent in an email seeking help with an audio issue while playing Portal 2 Co-Op with Jocelyn. Can the inn keepers help him? Listen to find out!

Remember to send your feedback to! See you all next week when we’ll be discussing the doldrums of winter and how you get through the post-holiday lull.

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