In the fifth episode of The Gamers’ Inn Jocelyn and Ryan shake off the winter snow blues with demo news for Mass Effect 3 and 3DS games. Also Skyrim makes yet another appearance as Jocelyn updates us on her achievement hunting while Ryan sinks back into old altaholic habits by rolling a Smuggler in SWTOR. Plus more!







  • Max Payne 3 delayed to May – Giant Bomb
  • ME3 Kinect Integration Revealed, Demo coming on Valentine’s Day! – IGN
  • 3DS Demos Coming to eShop – Joystiq
  • Super Mario Crossover 2.0 – Joystiq

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The fourth episode of the Gamers' Inn is here, and if we're going by Star Wars rules, this is when it gets good! Listen as Jocelyn and Ryan discuss the games they played over the holidays (guess which one played a lot of dancing games), gaming news, CES tech announcements,…
It's a theme episode! This week we had to record early so we decided to talk about the Mario franchise. Mario games played a big part in both host's gaming lives and they have plenty to chat about. Before the Mario talk Jocelyn discusses her new found addiction in Power…