This week on The Gamers’ Inn Jocelyn is off at Hal-Con so Bob Fournier from Zombies Ate My Podcast is here to talk BlizzCon! Bob has been busy since Extra Life, playing Call of Duty Ghosts, a little World of Warcraft and Batman Arkham Asylum (that he obtained from this awesome Humble Bundle). Ryan, still finding excuses to boot up his Wii U, picked up a Wii U Fit Meter and has been weighing in ever since. In our BlizzCon discussion we focus on the announcements made during the opening day, covering HearthStone, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, and of course the new WoW expansion: Warlords of Draenor. Next week we’ll have Paul Swickard to fill us in on what it’s like to ATTEND BlizzCon!

Note: Apologies for the audio change near the end of the episode. Ryan can be tough to hear, but Bob is at a normal level, so don’t jack your volume! Sorry folks!

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On a slightly late, but for a good reason, episode of The Gamers' Inn Jocelyn and Ryan look back at Extra Life 2013. On November 2nd with a team of 16 people The Gamers' Inn played video games for 25 hours and had a blast doing it! They also raised…
Joining us this week is Paul Swickard to talk about the PS4 and BlizzCon (which he attended). The PS4 arrives and The Gamers' Inn is ready to kick off the next generation! Ryan fills us in on what the console is like, while Jocelyn and Paul talk about what they'll be…