On a very bizarre episode of The Gamers’ Inn many games were played and scary tales were told! Ryan gave The Stanley Parable Demo a shot and recommends it to all who are curious about The Stanley Parable (which I’m sure you’ve all heard plenty about). Jocelyn played through Episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us and enjoyed it much more than TellTale’s The Walking Dead. As a bit of a throwback game, Ryan booted up Bioshock 2 and played the recently released (on Steam) Minerva’s Den DLC. Our topic this week was inspired by Halloween being next week as we discussed Scary Games and what ultimately scares us the most in games and real life. Hopefully you enjoy the real talk folks!

Quick Fire News
Burial at Sea – Episode 1 Arriving on Nov 12th
Infinity Ward says COD players are not Gamers
PS4 Will Have a Day One Patch
Sony asks everyone to stop talking about Naked Ellen Page
WoW Composer Has a Tribute Band!
Is Microsoft building a Google Glass Competitor?

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It's a very merry free to play week on The Gamers' Inn as both Jocelyn and Ryan give Dungeon Keeper a shot, an iOS game soft launched in Canada. Also on the docket for What We're Playing is Episode One of The Wolf Among Us, Batman Arkham Origins on iOS,…
Hey everyone! You're probably wondering, where was The Gamers' Inn on Friday? And why hasn't the episode been posted yet? And what's with this giant orange banner that says Extra Life? Great questions! On November 2nd The Gamers' Inn and friends will be playing video games for 25 hours in…