It’s a very merry free to play week on The Gamers’ Inn as both Jocelyn and Ryan give Dungeon Keeper a shot, an iOS game soft launched in Canada. Also on the docket for What We’re Playing is Episode One of The Wolf Among Us, Batman Arkham Origins on iOS, Terraria, and the Hallow’s End event in World of Warcraft. This week the inn keepers also covered the awesome that is Extra Life and what other companies and Extra Life themselves are doing to encourage gamers to raise those funds! This includes the Diablo Challenge, Playstation Rewards, and MEDALS!

Quick Fire News
Wii U Sales Are Now A Thing
Blizzard All Stars is now…
Watch Dogs Pushed to 2014
Borderlands 2 gets more DLC
Pokemon X and Y Sell 4 Million in 2 Days
Black Friday Leak

This week on The Gamers' Inn the Hearthstone beta became a little bit less of an exclusive club as Ryan is FINALLY in the beta! Alongside the Hearthstone chat Jocelyn announced a brand new podcast she's a part of: The Angry Chicken, your one stop shop for Hearthstone news, tips,…
On a very bizarre episode of The Gamers' Inn many games were played and scary tales were told! Ryan gave The Stanley Parable Demo a shot and recommends it to all who are curious about The Stanley Parable (which I'm sure you've all heard plenty about). Jocelyn played through Episode…