October 5th, 2013


Ryan makes his triumphant return to discuss white water rafting and Wind Waker HD. Jocelyn has been rocking some Hearthstone, continuing her quest to make Ryan super jealous that she’s in the beta. Our topic this week centres around Valve’s three announcements last week: Steam OS, Steam Machines, and the Steam Controller. Will Valve bring PC’s to the living room to match the might of the Xbox One and PS4? We’ll find out in 2014!

Quick Fire News
Zelda Producer is FIRED UP!
They’re making Star Wars Tiny Tower!
Playstation Teams Up With Extra Life
You’ll have to Wait for Last of Us DLC
Maxis Exploring Offline Sim City
Everybody gets Gold this Weekend

Extra Life is on November 2nd! Support the Gamers’ Inn with their quest to raise as much money as possible for kids. You can check out our team here: bit.ly/tgiextralife2013. We’ll have more information on our schedule, guests and games very soon!

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