September 21st, 2013


This week we start things off with Godus, a game currently available as a Steam Early Access purchase. Is it worth the purchase at this point? Tune in to find out! Afterwards Ryan gave a quick update on Wind Waker HD and Final Fantasy XIV. In our topic segment we took suggestions from the community before the show and from the chat during the show. Topics included Steam Family Sharing and their announcements for Monday, GTA V reviews, which next gen console to buy with kids on the way and finally does Ryan regret his Wii U. In the future we may do more of this, so be sure to get in the chat room every Friday at 8:30 PM EDT over at

Quick Fire News
Former Nintendo President Passes Away
GTA V has install problems on the Xbox
Nintendo Direct Sneak Attack!
Linux is the future of gaming
Altus Purchased by Sega
Diablo 3’s Auction House is gone!

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