This week on The Gamers’ Inn we improve our Monday’s by pretending it’s Friday! Jocelyn got into the Hearthstone beta and tells us all what we’re missing. Afterwards she follows up last weeks talk of PvZ2 with experiences of her own. Ryan played indie darling of the month Gone Home and you should all give this one a shot (no spoilers during our discussion). Finally in true Ryan fashion, he played a game getting mixed reviews and defends it with all his might: The Bureau XCOM Declassified. This week our topic is of course Gamescom, specifically focusing on announcements made by Sony and Microsoft.

Quick Fire News
XCOM Proper is Getting a Huge Expansion!
No Trading for Hearthstone
The Reaper of Souls is Revealed
Free To Play LittleBigPlanet Hub Announced
Two MMO’s Stick With the Sub Model
Borderlands 2 coming to the Vita

The Gamers' Inn returns after a whirlwind week with more WoW and Pikmin 3 talk, as well as a few iOS titles. Now that Jocelyn is 90 in World of Warcraft she's been having a hard time trying to sort out what to do next. Ryan finished Pikmin 3 and…
Your second Gamers' Inn in one week, aren't you lucky? 🙂 The inn keepers return after a four day break where Ryan finished off The Bureau and wasn't too happy with the ending. No quick fire this week as we put our focus on the remaining releases of 2013. It's…