The Gamers’ Inn returns after a whirlwind week with more WoW and Pikmin 3 talk, as well as a few iOS titles. Now that Jocelyn is 90 in World of Warcraft she’s been having a hard time trying to sort out what to do next. Ryan finished Pikmin 3 and enjoyed every minute of it. Shaking things up both inn keepers played some iOS games with DuckTales and Plants vs Zombies 2. In topic of the week we’re discussing This Week in Microsoft, covering the bumpy road to the Xbox One launch. This past week the big M cut the cord on the Kinect, cut launch countries from 21 to 13 and announced the Season Pass Guarantee.

Quick Fire News
Humble Origin Bundle
5.4 Coming really really soon!
Leaked Emails Suggest New Life for Prey 2
Hearthstone Beta goes live
Diablo III Expansion Being Teased
Disney Infinity gets On The Go Play

This week on The Gamers' Inn we try to take a break from last week, but then WoW and Nintendo are brought up and discussions flare up! Jocelyn hit 90 in World of Warcraft and is here to report on her journey. She also wrote a three part article about…
This week on The Gamers' Inn we improve our Monday's by pretending it's Friday! Jocelyn got into the Hearthstone beta and tells us all what we're missing. Afterwards she follows up last weeks talk of PvZ2 with experiences of her own. Ryan played indie darling of the month Gone Home…