This week on The Gamers’ Inn we try to take a break from last week, but then WoW and Nintendo are brought up and discussions flare up! Jocelyn hit 90 in World of Warcraft and is here to report on her journey. She also wrote a three part article about her experience over on DogHouse Network, here, here and Part 3 on Tuesday. Ryan finally got his hands on Pikmin 3, after a LONG eight and a half month wait (which he wrote about here). In our topic this week we cover the Summer of Arcade which kicked off this week with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Quick Fire News
Iwata Dead Set Against Publishing Nintendo Titles on Other Platforms
Connected Realms coming in WoW 5.4
Microsoft Adds More Behind The Paywall While Sony Does Not
Apologies all around for OUYA
Naughty Dog Details Original Ending of The Last of Us

On August 4th the wait was finally over… Nintendo's struggling Wii U has FINALLY received a title worth waiting for: Pikmin 3. The sequel we're seeing comes nine years after Pikmin 2, but the wait between the "Launch Window" and now seems much longer than the nearly full decade without…
The Gamers' Inn returns after a whirlwind week with more WoW and Pikmin 3 talk, as well as a few iOS titles. Now that Jocelyn is 90 in World of Warcraft she's been having a hard time trying to sort out what to do next. Ryan finished Pikmin 3 and…