July 20th, 2013

We’re nearing the end of the Steam sale and on The Gamers’ Inn we’re going through our awesome pile of games for fun and giveaways! Jocelyn has been trying not to die in Don’t Starve while killing all the heathens in Babel Rising. Ryan feels like Animal Crossing is more of a chore these days and vows to get back to interior decorating and to ignore Tom Nook’s bills. Nearing the end of the show we read your emails on Steam sales and reward Wentzel with his copy of Borderlands 2 and a DLC Season Pass.

If you missed the show live you’re missing out on great giveaways, but for all our wonderful listeners/viewers we have another contest for you. Take a screengrab from this episodes video and give it a hilarious caption. We’ll pick the best one and reward that person with a copy of Defiance!

Quick Fire News
WildStar Devs Announce Two New Races
Blizzard is making Children’s Books
Halo 4 Movie Gets Emmy Nod
19 Year Old Creates 20 hour Skyrim Mod…
Sony Santa Monica Scores Big Sci-Fi Writer
South Park got too big for its own good

#TGICaptionThis Contest
Here are 8 screen grabs from Episode 82 to get you started! Send your entry by August 2nd, best one wins a copy of Defiance.

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