July 13th, 2013

In a post Nerdtacular world Jocelyn and Ryan re-group to talk about their awesome time in Utah, mobile games, and of course the Steam Summer Sale! The 3DS was the king of the gaming devices at Nerdtacular and Ryan misses all the StreetPasses. 🙁 On the return flight Jocelyn took to Twitter for iOS game recommendations and played many awesome titles to pass the time. In topic of the week we discuss Don Mattrick and his move to Zynga and speculate what that may mean for Microsoft.

For our podcast listeners you may have noticed we gave a few games out to the chat room live while we recorded. Fret not! We have a giveaway for you too! Email the show and tell us why you love or hate Steam sales. The best response will get a free copy of Borderlands 2 on Steam! Many more giveaways coming up in the future so be sure to catch us live Friday nights at 8:30 PM EDT on AMove.TV.

Quick Fire News
Kinect Isn’t a Spy Tool, But Skype and Outlook Are!
Blizzard is adding an In Game Store to WoW
Nintendo Creates Bad Press Yet Again
Quake 3 Bots find Peace
Ryan Davis of Giantbomb Passes Away
EA pulls support of Darkspore

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