Nerdtacular is next week and The Gamers’ Inn will be there! Ryan gave The Last of Us multiplayer a shot and dusted off his Wii U for a little New Super Luigi U. Jocelyn has been driving herself crazy trying to level a Death Knight to level 89 in less than a week! Our topic this week is Nertacular! Jocelyn and Ryan will be there and plan to do some sort of show, but unfortunately it probably won’t be live. If you’re going to be at Nerdtacular be sure to say hi!

Quick Fire News
Microsoft No Longer Charging for XBLA Patches
OUYA sells out
EA Makes Promise to Polish Turd
Blizzard’s Auction House Woes

Tom Nook has been keeping Ryan on a tight leash this week as he owes him THOUSANDS of bells, also he played The Last of Us and Jocelyn listens in horror! Our topic this week revolves around Microsoft's change in policies for the Xbox One. Does the fact that disc based games…
In a post Nerdtacular world Jocelyn and Ryan re-group to talk about their awesome time in Utah, mobile games, and of course the Steam Summer Sale! The 3DS was the king of the gaming devices at Nerdtacular and Ryan misses all the StreetPasses. 🙁 On the return flight Jocelyn took…