June 9th, 2013

E3 is coming up super fast, so here’s a quick Gamers’ Inn to tide you over! Jocelyn has been playing some games that make her angry (Age of Empires 3 and SimCity) while Ryan completed The Swapper. Also as a special treat Ryan gives us an early impression of Free Play, and there’s a sneak peak in there for you too! Our topic this week revolves around the newly announced policies for the Xbox One on Always On, Used Games, and the new Kinect.

Quick News
Diablo III Smashing Current Consoles On September 3rd
SimCity for Mac is Delayed
Fable Anniversary Announced!
Bethesda takes heat over trailer release
Canadian Economy Sees Big Bucks From Games
Major Layoffs at Zynga
New Halo Game Exclusive to Windows 8
Cofounder of Oculus Rift has died



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