April 14th, 2013

It’s a very zerg filled episode of The Gamers’ Inn as Jocelyn and Ryan discuss the campaign for Heart of the Swarm. Just like last week, beware of spoilers (although it is only a section of What We’re Playing). Other than that Ryan spills the beans on Dead Space 3 and the Awakening DLC while Jocelyn is enjoying her MMOs with WoW and Rift. Our topic this week is the shift of LucasArts from a development house to a licensing department.

Interested in a code for the Company of Heroes 2 Beta? Here’s a key: FFJX3-28J43-QR7JP

Also tune in next week when we’ll be joined by Andrew Allen to discuss his Kickstarter for Free Play. A cover album of all your favourite video game tunes! Be sure to be there live for your chance to win a Steam key for XCOM: Enemy Unknown (one of Ryan’s favourite titles in 2012).

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