January 27th, 2013

As January flies by The Gamers’ Inn brings you yet another jam packed episode of gaming goodness. Jocelyn has been playing Magic the Gathering 2013, which Ryan believes to be in the style of the Yu-Gi-Oh TV show (which it isn’t). Ryan talks about the Fire Emblem demo on 3DS as well as the return of Spartan Ops. This week was huge for news with Nintendo spilling the beans on a bunch of 2013 projects on Wii U and the split up and sale of THQ assets. All this and a new contest from Dog House Systems where you could win Kerrigan’s rifle from Starcraft II, created by Punished Props Bill Doran.

Note: We had some technical difficulties at the beginning, so it will be quiet then around the 2:30 mark it jumps to normal quality. Sorry folks!

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  1. Kingargyle

    Just a slight note on Ouya, they have shipped all developer consoles on time along with the SDK, the offical release date for the console to consumers is March 2013 (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouya). So technically that is still early 2013. Typically when a company says early 2013, assume that they mean the later half of that quarter. Personally I’m looking forward to see what independent developers and game companies come up with. It would be nice to have the inn review the system when it comes out.


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