The Gamers’ Inn would like to wish all our listeners a Merry Christmas! In our last episode of the year we chat about gaming on the Christmas holidays and our favourite video game holiday memory. After Christmas talk we move into Game of the Year and unlike last year where we did a Top 10 this year we’re doing categories and our top Game of the Year. With categories like Best Story, Most Addictive, and Biggest Disappointment you can bet there were some heated discussions! Enjoy and be safe this holiday season. And remember we return in the new year January 4th on the Amove.TV network!

Game of the Year

General Awards
Best Story
Best DLC
Best Strategy Game
Most Addictive
Best Multiplayer
MMO of the Year
Biggest Disappointment
Best Portable/On The Go Game
Best Downloadable Game (Non-Retail)
Best Music/Soundtrack
New Old Game of the Year (A game you played this year for the first time and loved that didn’t come out this year)

Game of the Year

2012 Game You Wish You Played

2013 Game You’re Most Looking Forward To

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