December 22nd, 2012

Holy crap! We’ve been doing The Gamers’ Inn for a whole year now! But before we get to that we wrap up our spoiler talk of TellTale’s The Walking Dead. Jocelyn has finished the series and the inn keepers discuss the second half of the much loved game (but only liked by Jocelyn). Also take note Nintendo, Ryan has a few choice words for you when it comes to the MiiVerse. Gets pretty heated in the first half of this episode!

To calm things down Jocelyn and Ryan discuss the last year at the inn including many listener submissions. Thanks to Val, Lou, Underscore Funk, Jim, and Greg for writing in! It’s been a busy year at the Gamers’ Inn and next year is looking to be just as awesome. Tune in on Christmas Eve for our Christmas/GOTY episode. Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holidays, and a wonderful New Years Eve. You all rock!


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