December 14th, 2012

Holy SPOILERS zombie lovers! The Gamers’ Inn is back and Jocelyn has played half of The Walking Dead on PC, so be prepared if you haven’t played the first 2 and a half episodes. You’ve been warned, as it pretty much dominates the What We’re Playing segment. This weeks topic is the Video Game Awards presented by Spike. You know, the channel that has the UFC reality shows and CSI reruns? Yah that one! Anyways, we go over some of the big winners, the world premieres, how Spike sees gamers, and much more. This years show was much better than past, but there is still room for improvement!

A reminder that next week is our One Year at the Inn special where we’re reading listeners favourite moments. Be sure to write in via email, social media, or in our forums to win a Steam code for Saints Row the Third or Metro 2033!


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