August 23rd, 2012

We start this week off with a giveaway! Hero Academy on Steam is being sent out to Bobafettish, congrats! In What We’re Playing both Jocelyn and Ryan are playing Darksiders II and Hero Academy. Ryan also played some more Kinect with Happy Action Theatre, while Jocelyn discussed her altaholic nature in World of Warcraft.

After some Quick Fire News we discuss the “Girlfriend Mode” story in Topic of the Week and dive in to more general sexism in the Video Game Industry. It was quite the interesting conversation, and the chat room was having a blast listening in. You’ll hear a bit of it in the outro but this episode was a great example of why you should always tune in live for the post show. 🙂

Finally we close out the show with ANOTHER giveaway! IAmFrenchBoy or Greg sent in a beta key for Mists of Pandaria and it could be yours (Forum Post)! What you need to do is send in an MP3 to of you saying something in French. We’ll pick one at random on the next show. Good luck!

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