Before the show gets started, Jocelyn highlights an interview she did that just came out on, go check it out! Then on this weeks Gamers’ Inn, Jocelyn gave us a closer look at the beginnings of Skyrim: Dawnguard, while both Jocelyn and Ryan discussed their Mass Effect 3 multiplayer matches together. Before heading into Quick Fire News the inn keepers discussed a new recurring segment listeners can look forward to called Road to Halo 4. Starting on Episode 31 and every three episodes afterwards Jocelyn and Ryan will break down a Halo game in the order they were released. They also announced GIG Nights will be part of the event, so get those Halo discs spinning! Topic of the Week was a discussion on the hit documentary Indie Game: The Movie, spoiler alert, PICK IT UP!





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This week the hosts watch Indie Game: The Movie! Spoilers I guess, if you can spoil a documentary… Anyways, so worth the money, go pick it up!

Welcome back to the Gamers' Inn, and welcome back to Canada Jocelyn, who returned from Nerdtacular and has made Ryan incredibly jealous! In What We're Playing Ryan has tried yet another MMO Beta and Jocelyn (having rediscovered the wonders of EB Games) is playing a whole whack of titles. But…
We return with talk of new games and a new console! In What We're Playing Ryan got some game time in with Quantum Conundrum and Civ V: Gods & Kings while Jocelyn played Super Meat Boy, Arkham Asylum, and the original Mass Effect. After a round of Quick Fire the…