A longer show this week as we welcome back Paul Swickard to discuss all things E3! That’s right, the biggest gaming convention was this week and the inn keepers are ready to discuss Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and all the big third party developers. Join us next week when Paul will return to wrap up our E3 coverage, too much E3 to pack into one episode people! Enjoy the show and remember to let us know what you think of the podcast!






The E3 Special

E3 Part 1: The Big Three

Quick Fire News

E3 Part 3: The Publishers

The Gamers' Inn gathers around the fire once more to prepare for E3! The big show is next week and we've collected all the cool stories to look forward to. Starting off the show we talk about our experience with Aces Hangout Poker and a Public hangout, leaving Ryan forever…
Jocelyn is out this week and Paul returns to help wrap up E3 2012 on the Gamers' Inn. Starting things off with What We're Playing Paul has played a lot of PC games and Ryan revisits an old (newest) Nintendo franchise in preparation for the Wii U. After some ACTUAL…